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Storytelling is a wonderful way to learn, because children can enjoy while they learn a second language unconsciously.  However, to prepare a storytelling lesson is necessary much dedication ,adapt the class if is necessary , arrange  all resources ( specialized programmes in computers, decoration in class, tangible materials like tales, flashcards, puppets, mascots, balls…) Furthermore, the teacher must rehearse  the story previously to reach an excellent result.

Some advices very useful that teacher must take into account  to tell a storytelling in a suitable way are the following:

      1º to choose a good story, with an appropriate language for them. To make sure children like it.
      2º to study it very well.
       3º to arrange all the preparations.
      4º to capture all student´s attention .
       5º is very important paralinguistic resources like the  graduation of voice, intensity…  when you imitate the different characters.
       6º if is possible, you can dress up or use some clothes or accessorizes.
      7º the extralinguistic resources are essential  also ( body language, gestures, movements…)
      feedback with students during the story and once finished.

Here you are a very interesting video about that. I hope you enjoy!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNn0jw_pUfAstorytelling lesson     “Motivating learning DVD: Storytelling” (preview 1 of 6)

Besides, the teacher can self-assessment  once finished  this activity with the objective of  improving,  correcting  mistakes and solving possible “problems” using the following  rubric:

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