miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

lesson planning

In the previuos  video  have appeared  a lot of teachers, who have given their opinion about  lesson planning. 

 They define it as:
Fun,   flexible,   thinking time,   flexibledifferentiation ,   games …

Some trucks, advices, recommendations,  techniques and aptitudes that they talk about are:

“Convey security”

“Ask them to make a summarize about they have learnt in the lesson.”
“Make 5 questions  about the lesson”

“Purpose different challenges in different class”

“To be strict  and smile at the same time”

“Make changes that they don´t expect”

“Explain objectives at the beginning of the class”

“Create mysterious elements for create expectation  for the next class”
“Distract  them”
“Prepare and make sure you planning very well”

“ 10´minutes first show them how go the lesson”

“Is very important how the teacher starts  the lesson , for example like  dancing”

Include movies in the lesson”

“Use pictures, images to answer the doubts”

“Play games”

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