miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

Anxiety in English class

Foreign language anxiety is a specific anxiety that some people experience when learning or using a second language.
Some people are uncomfortable because they cannot express their true personality in the new language.
We can do something about this as future teachers! what type of things can we do?
- Tacher has to create a safe and comfortable environment, where students aren`t afraid to make mistakes.
- Teachers must explain to students not to laugh at each other when they make mistakes because it is normal and expected when you are learning.
- Teachers have to respect the silents in order to allow time to answer the question.
- Providing indirect correction.
- Teachers must protect the students from a potential source of anxiety.
-Teacher must mantain aye contact and use gestures to make the situation more comfortable.
-Provision of praise (¨Very good, well done...¨)
What other things would you suggest?

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