viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013

Teachinf vocabulary to Children

Some TIPS to teach VOCABULARY:

introduce the vocabulary in the context of vocabulary the learners have already met
 Don`t teach more than 5-7 items at a time
 Teach new items early in the lesson
Learners remember the words better if they have some personal significance or emotional connation (You have to give personal examples, provide experiences with the words, have students create images and relate them to their own lives…)
Display the new vocabulary permanently
Words map (mind map, brainstorm...)
Vocabulary is best learned in groups of related words
Teach learning vocabulary strategies (pay attention to the words shape, look, say, cover, write, check; get students to use a vocabulary notebook, teach learner to group words into categories…


Flashcards games         Brainstorm        Mime and Guess   
                                          TPR activities

           Snap         Find some who       Guess the picture    
                                         Long sentences

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