sábado, 9 de febrero de 2013

Our group work about ACTION RESEACRH



I`ve noticed during this month that my students are always moving, they don`t pay attention, they seems to be bored, they aren`t motivated to do the activities proposed…. It doesn`t matter the topic, they always disrupted.

For these reason I have decided to talk with my colleague asking him if he has the same problem in my class with his subject. He has told me that the students usually have a good behavior and they don’t really disturb.

I think I’m making some mistakes; the problem is mine, for sure, not the group, because their behavior and motivation are good with other teachers. But I don’t know what the problem is, so I’m going to take some measures:
      I’m going to gather information on the internet and in some libraries about new methodology on teaching foreign language, how to use resources, classroom management, student’s motivation…
            I’m going to ask my colleague to go to his class to observe his methodology.
    I’m going to give my students a questionnaire asking them their likes and his dislikes,who is their favourite teacher, why, which are their favourite activities… in order to make changes on my teaching way. 


1.     I have passed the questionnaire to my students.
2.     I have gone to my mate’s class to observe how he acts.
3.     I’ve been keeping a journal writing down interesting things I’ve found and possible changes I could make in my classes.


Once I’ve gathered all the information from the students, from the internet, and from my mate, I’ve noticed that my colleague use an interesting methodology because he interacts with them all the time and on this way they can´t distract theirselves. Also, the teacher use new ITC very attractive for them. The teacher often organizes pair work and group work and this is a motivation for the students and they enjoy this kind of activities and classroom management.


The project was useful for my professional development and has solved the main problem I had, my methodology. Because of that from now till the end of the course I’m going to make some changes in order to make my classes more attractive for my students. I’m going to introduce different ITC tools each lessons and I’m going to course a Master in relationship with students to establish confident with them.

I’m also going to keep a journal to see what my mistakes are and by the end of the week I’m going to do a report to change planning.
From this point we could ask ourselves how to solve other problems in the classroom, such as conflicts between peers or conflicts of a student with the teacher.

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