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Classroom management!


Student learning, lesson planning and effective teaching are not posible without classroom management

Classroom management and management of students conduct are skills that teacher acquire!

Take into account:

1.       Know what you want and what you don`t want
2.      Show and tell what you want
3.     When you get what you want, acknowledge it
4.    When you get something else, act quickly and appropriately

BE CAREFUL! Classroom management is not a guarantee of a good behavior, but is necessary a good planning!

Effective and high quality teaching has always been associated with the development of a series of skills in classroom management:

Maintain visual control of the class                    Use of non-verbal communication
                                       Create flexibility of movement in class  
                                   Encourage participation of all the students
Control the amount and the quality of teacher talk!
             Promotes healthy relationship and happy classroom atmosphere!

If you want more information (realted to strategies, resources, professional development... I recommend you this page: 

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