sábado, 9 de febrero de 2013

Assessment for learning

Assessment refers to all the activities under taken by teachers and their students which provide feedback that shapes and develop the teaching and learning activities engaged in by the class.

AFL helps us to assist students to take the next steps in the learning because assessment provides us gather information about student’s level of performance or achievement.

It allows students to take a greater part in their own learning (they become aware of their learning goals).

Therefore AFL becomes a diagnostic tool that provides feedback to the learner and the teacher about the suitability of the curriculum and instructional materials, the effectiveness of the teaching methods and the strengths and weakness of the students. Furthermore it demonstrates students that they are making progress in their linguistic development.

Is the same AFL that EVALUATING? NO

EVALUATING is comparing a student`s achievement with other students or with a set of standards!

 Take into account that AFL is essential for evaluating student’s progress and achievement!

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