lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

Multiple Intelligences.

I want to share this video with you I've found on Youtube abut Howard Gardner talking about his theory of Multiple Intelligences. I think it's very interesting because with few words he gives us a very clear point of view of how educational systems should be, what would we change, some reasons who brings he to create the theory etc. We have read a lot about this theory but, in my case, I've never heard the own author talking firsthand about it and it has helped me a lot!

Here is it!!

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  1. The theory of Multiple Intelligences was proposed by Gardner in his work ¨Frames of Mind.

    This theory defies the traditional view of intelligence as a unitar, invariable, static and unchangeable capacity, which was centered on VERBAL/LINGUISTIC and LOGICAL/MATHEMATICAL exclusively.

    The idea of Multiple Intelligence cames out of Pisychology. It was developed to document the fact that human beings have very different kinds of intellectual strenghts and that these strenghts are very important in how kids learn and how people represent things in their minds, and then how people use them in order to show what is that they`ve understood.

    NOT FORGET that eight different intelligences proposed by Gardner are needed to function productively in society.