lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Multple inteligences

The theory of multiple intelligences breaks with the traditional notion of intelligence as a unitary, unchanging and unchangeable capacity to propose eight types of intelligences.

The more time is devoted to the use of a particular intelligence and when best to be resources and instruction that is received, more intelligent will become the person inside that intelligence.

In the school, such as future teachers, we should be aware that each student has a capacity (strength) different in each of the areas of intelligence and create learning opportunities so that all students can learn in the way that is most effective and satisfy the entire range of intelligences of the Group.
But for this, ¨we need to have individuals who are involved in education (teachers and administrators)... we need to have assessment schemes that really convinve everybody that this kind of education is working.... finally there has to be a political commitment that says this is the kind of education that we want to have in our country¨(Gardner)
It is possible? what do you think?

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