martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

more listening resources


We have chosen this song because  children  usually like the chocolate and it is very attractive for them.
it is a good topic because they can learn what they like and dont like.
Also, the song has the possibility that they song it with the lyrics and without it.
Furthermore, they can learn the pronunciation and they can memorize some parts of the song too.

Here is the link :


The tongue twister is a method very entertaining and funny for them because it become very repetitive  but they have to try repeat without make any mistake. It "game" is very easy but they have to be carefully when they pronounce the words much times.
It exercise can be adapted according the level of student; at the beginning they can start saying : "toy phone, toy phone, toy phone..." and it can reach an upper dificulty level, for example : "I can can the can, but the can can't can me.""A good cook could cook as much cookies"The more fast they say,  more funny will be! They will learning to recognize different  phonetic sounds in a subconscious way and they will acquire too speed in  their listening skill, improving them.
Here is the link:

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